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I’m a photographer, licensed NYC tour guide, part-time stand up comedian, and full-time adventurer!


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Hey there!

Welcome to New York! Since you’re visiting my site, you’re probably wondering “do I need a tour guide for my time here, or can I just find my way around with a map on my phone?”

Of course you can walk NYC on your own in a couple of days—but wouldn’t you like to get to know what’s not on Google Maps? What fascinating historic event happened in that plaza you just walked through? And that ancient door you just passed—that it’s actually one of the coolest spots in the neighborhood?

Before I became a tour guide, I thought I knew New York: tall buildings, a cool grid, lots to do, everyone in a rush. But working on my first tour, “The Secret History of Greenwich Village”, I quickly found out I was wrong. I discovered things like the fact that there are dozens of people buried under the most famous arch in NYC— I had been eating lunch there every day, and I had no idea what was under it. There were so many surprises for me, learning the history of the city, like finding out that a woman led construction of the Brooklyn bridge. The biggest surprise of all? SoHo used to be an affordable place to live!

Take a tour! There’s no chance you won’t have a good time. I’m not a history teacher—I am a former standup comedian (if you want to know why I quit, you’ll have to take a tour) and a professional photographer. And, since becoming a tour guide and taking photos of my clients, for the first time I really love my job.

I would love to see you on my tours, or photograph your wedding, or help you surprise your partner with a proposal. I answer all my emails in less than 24 hours.

Either way, have an amazing time in NYC—and, yes, it’s going to be expensive 🙂




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