About me

I’ve lived in NYC for 15 years, and worked as a stand up comedian and a photographer. After covid hit, I decided to change my career & become a NYC tour guide. This way I managed to combine my love for the city adding some jokes while snapping a few photos in between. I enjoy making new friends and connecting with people. Doing stand-up comedy for over 10 years taught me how to break the ice in 2 seconds, so every tour & photoshoot will feel like a friendly hang out & not a stressful chore.

For those of you who feel immediate discomfort in-front of the camera, fear no more, before every session there’s a mandatory 2 shots of tequila. I’m joking. But have no fear, my photoshoots are fun & easy going, you will feel like Beyonce for a day. Together we’ll have a stress free photoshoot, as we learn the history of the most beautiful neighborhoods in NYC. <3

Ricki's Walking Tours