Hey everyone ! Since you’re visiting NYC, & you want to go back home with more than just “I LOVE NY” T-shirt, or a shot glass you’re’ never gonna use, maybe this time get a cool photo to put on your wall to remind you how expensive your trip to NYC was, wouldn’t you like that?
My photo sessions are fun, (I swear!), & for one painful hour you will get a souvenir for the rest of your life. Ladies, I know your boyfriends will never get the right angle, & Gentleman I know your ladies will never be happy, So why don’t you let me take them blame this time 😀
If you find yourself frozen in front of the camera, or need someone cool to pretend you’re not about to propose, I’m your gal. In addition to having a top-notch photography equipment, I’m also a director and a great ice breaker, so we can get you to look in your own element as soon as the first photo. Before the session we go over wardrobe options, figure out the best location & get to know each other so we can have fun during the photo shoot. I’m a NYC local, also work as a tour guide & familiar with the best spots around town. You will learn the history as we take your fabulous photos.

Price List

A series of pink zigzag lines arranged in a horizontal pattern.
Mini Session – 30 minutes per person/couple
In the area of ​​your choice – including 20 edited images & a digital album.

60 min Session for Couple/person
Options for 60 min: Area of your choice: Soho, little Italy & china Town OR Times Square & Bryant Park Brooklyn Bridge & Dumbo. or any area you like in Manhattan you can change up to 2 outfits Each additional person taking a photo is subject to an additional charge of $50. * This package includes 50 edited photos & a digital album.

Private Photo Tour for a Couple
History Tours are approximately 2 hours, description of tours are in “tours” section. Options for Private Tours with photography: * Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo * Soho Chinatown and Little Italy * Greenwich Village – This package includes 50 edited photos & a digital album.

Private Photo Tour for 4 People
Includes a private Tour to the Brooklyn Bridge & Dumbo or Soho Chinatown and Little Italy or Greenwich Village.

Paparazzi Package/Couple
Full day private tour guide & photographer, documentation up to 6 hours includes 250 edited photos, includes videos for reels, includes private tours in the areas relevant & a digital album.

Getting Married! Package
Includes: Hair, make up, 5 hours of photography – 300 edited photos.

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