Top 5 places to go out in NYC

This is not a blog about the best broadway shows on Broadway but a how to experience night life like a true New Yorker without falling into massive tourist traps around the city. Lets start with what you must visit at least one time to say you truly experienced NYC, first on the list is… Read more »

Dare to wear it for a photoshoot?

You booked a photoshoot CONGRATS! Now the big problem really starts, WHAT TO WEAR? Not everyone can rock the same outfits & same colors, so which is right for you? My recommendation to all my clients is wear colors that contrast & bring out your skin color – for example if your have dark skin… Read more »

5 Things to do in NYC for less than $5

1. The Roosevelt Island Tramway a 4 minute ride which offers spectacular views to its passengers, has been praised in the New York Times as “the most exciting view in New York City!” It costs a mere $2.75 each way! Enjoy the view! Link: 2. Take the NYC Ferry – Download the app, buy… Read more »