Top 5 places to go out in NYC

This is not a blog about the best broadway shows on Broadway but a how to experience night life like a true New Yorker without falling into massive tourist traps around the city.

Lets start with what you must visit at least one time to say you truly experienced NYC, first on the list is Marie’s Crisis Café.

If you ever been to the Piano Bar in Las Vegas & never had enough, Marie’s Crisis Café will fill in the void for you. Marie’s Crisis, is not just a piano bar but an historic landmark where one of our founding fathers, Thomas Paine, has died in 1809. Maries Crisis is a small, but mighty, basement bar, covered with yearly holiday lights & a piano man singing Broadway show-tunes with everyone singing along. It’s always packed, always happy vibes. Guaranty to make you happier immediately.

Open 7 days a week, no reservation needed, music starts 5:30pm till 4am, have to be 21+, no cover charge but yes requires 2 drink min & they accept CASH ONLY.

Next stop JAZZZ ! If Marie’s Crisis is too cheery for you, your next stop should be Arthur’s Tavern. Literally, it’s next door.

Arthur’s Tavern is the first Jazz Bar in NYC, been going for over 85 years now, famous people such as Charli Parker performed there & many more. It has the feel of old NY inside a designated historic building, my favorite spot, every Sunday you get jazz from the 40’s & 50’s just brings ya back in time. Can’t recommend enough.

Open 7 days a week, reservation needed, no cover charge but yes 2 drink min required, music starts 7pm -1am, 21+, CASH ONLY, best day to go is Sunday night.

3rd on our list is a Barcade with live music. Cellar Dog.

This place is just FUN all around, you can play ping pong, chess, shuffle board & billiards. All of these amazing games are available while great live band is playing Jazz every night starting 7pm in the background all for $5 only ! Great idea for a date if you have nothing to talk about.

Open 7 days a week. $5 entree fee on week days, no drink min. Games cost varies.

4th on our list! The Stonewall Inn: Gay bar & National Historic Landmark, site of the 1969 riots that launched the gay rights movement. Open 7 days a week. No entree fee, unless it’s during pride. Upstairs you will find variety of shows (sometimes drag shows) & music nights, you can look more carefully on their website for upcoming shows.

Fun vibe, great history & colorful neighborhood.

Last on the list is The Cafe Wha?

If you just want a fun night, with live music playing songs you grew up on The Cafe Wha is your spot. Amazing performances, songs from every period of time & just pure fun. The band is there starting 9:30pm & plays till 12:30. Cafe Wha was the home for Bob Dylan & Jimmy Hendricks. Both started their careers there doing open mics. An historic site with amazing music.Also best chicken wings in town. This is where I take my friends every time they visit town.

Opens Wed-Sun , there is a cover charge & 2 drink min, on weekends make reservations.

If any of this sounds fun to you but you don’t wanna get lost, or just not about wondering around late in them NYC streets, you are more than welcome to join my night life tour that includes the best NY pizza & all these place & A DRINK! you can send me a message or sign up on Get Your Guide.

All these venues are one next to the other. You can actually stop by all of them in less than 1 hour.

That’s it for this topic! if you have any questions or suggestions you are more than welcome to send me a message!