Dare to wear it for a photoshoot?

You booked a photoshoot CONGRATS! Now the big problem really starts, WHAT TO WEAR?

Not everyone can rock the same outfits & same colors, so which is right for you?

My recommendation to all my clients is wear colors that contrast & bring out your skin color – for example if your have dark skin wear yellow, if you have light skin DON’T WEAR YELLOW.

Some colors are just beautiful on most skin types & really overall complements the photo. You can plug them on a necklaces or a scarf or even earrings so that your face will pop & not blend with your outfit. Those colors are: Aqua, hot pink, light blue, light green, dark pink, even purple sometimes, & red.

I don’t recommend black or white even tho that’s everyones go to color.. I call it escape to black & white. You wear black & white everyday, we want this shoot to bring out your beautiful self. Black & white tends to blend with the crowd, it won’t pop with city view & in my humble opinion it’s a very safe & dull choice. When I say black & white I don’t mean wedding dress, of course, because it has unique shape & it’s usually big & makes up for it’s color. SO be my guest to wear a giant tutu skirt!

Now, go home try some outfits on with different colors, send the pictures & ask your best friend which color makes you look the best. That should work. If you’re still unsure send it to me 😀

Now what kinda clothes you should wear? Defiantly something you feel comfortable in. BUT NO SWEATSHIRTS. Please. Nothing too tight I’d suggest, that sits well on your body. I have big thighs & long torso – for me everything is high waist till I die. DO NOT CARE what the fashion trend is. High waist everything looks great on me all year long. I mention it so you wear what compliments your body the most, & do not follow trendy outfits that usually only tall skinny girls can pull off. If the outfit doesn’t make you feel like Beyonce then it’s not the right outfit.

If you insist on boring quiet colors that’s ok, that’s what you feel comfortable the most, I understand, I don’t judge, even tho it sounds like I am, but what you can do is add an accessory that will make it a little different then day to day outfit. Big fun necklace, scarf, earrings, hat can be tricky, honestly most people don’t look better with a hat unless your’e on the beach.

My last tip is bring 2 outfits, one you would never dare to wear in real life & the other you most likely will wear on Amanda’s wedding. This way there’s no regrets. (Amanda is not real)

My point is, you’re coming to NYC, the land of endless possibilities, where nobody cares if you wear a trash bag or a Gucci bag. You will be ignored either way.

Hope this helped 🙂

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See you soon